Bridal Earrings

bridal earrings

Things to Know about Bridal Earrings

There are many accessories for a bride out there such as big bold necklaces, chunky, illusion, multiple stand bracelets and bridal earrings. When you come to choose earrings, you cannot go wrong. There are some things to consider when selecting bridal earrings for your special day.

The color of your wedding gown is the first to consider. Wedding dress color isn’t white anymore. It comes in various choices. Choosing the materials that have the same color tones is a must whether you are going to wear white, ivory, pink or nontraditional color bridal gown. If you opt for white wedding gown, ivory bridal earrings with pearls will not go harmoniously with your gown. You have to stay true to your colors.

bridal earrings with pearls

The embellishments of your wedding dress are the second consideration. For a bridal gown which is designed with pearls, crystals or rhinestones on it, the idea is to pair it with jewelry using those materials. It is the best way to coordinate your jewelry with your wedding gown. There are lots of bridal jewelry designers out there who use qualified pearls and crystals that will endure a lifetime and become a true heirloom.

simple bridal earrings pearls

It would make you easier to find the right pair of bridal earrings when you have determined a color palate and the right materials. Bridal earrings come in a wide variety of styles. In the market a bride will find chandelier earrings, cluster earrings, drop style, stud and chain. Choosing a chandelier or cluster style earrings is perfect for you who want to wear big and bold jewelry. These bridal earrings are able to add a dramatic flair to the ears and draw attention to the face. Simpler designs of bridal earrings such as drop style, post and tiny earrings that have a small dangle is the best choice for the bride that loves a simple, classic look.

There is a non-traditional method of mixing new with old. A great way to integrate the old with the new is to take a piece of heirloom jewelry you love from a family member or close friend and integrate that jewelry into a new piece. Whether you take an older broach from grandma’s jewelry drawer and have a jewelry designer take it and make it into a hair piece with some additional gems to spice it up or you change a pendant from a necklace into a unique new necklace. There are unique ways to integrate your heirloom jewelry into your bridal look.

bridal earrings with crystals

It is important not to pack your jewelry away after the big day whether you choose a fancy chandelier style earring or a drop style earring. While your bridal gown, wedding tiara and wedding veil may have to be packed away after the big day, your jewelry doesn’t have to be. Keep your bridal jewelry and bridal earrings out and in your jewelry box for safe keeping. When your anniversary or another special occasion comes up, that’s the perfect time to opt for that special wedding day jewelry and remind you of your special day. Keep these important things in your mind when you have to choose bridal earrings for your wedding day.

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