Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

summer bridesmaid dresses

The number one thing to think about when choosing summer bridesmaid dresses is the fabric. It is because summer is the prime time for high temperatures and high humidity. The purpose is to keep the bridesmaids cool and relaxed. Many people know that velvet is taboo for summer. The best summer fabrics are lightweight and should be made from breathable natural fibers. You may consider summer classics like seersucker or madras for an informal wedding. These fabrics are perfect fabrics for outdoor summer weddings. You may add pearl bridesmaid jewelry sets and metallic sandals for a stylish yet relaxed look which will have everyone feeling very comfortable. If you want to have a more formal bridesmaid style, you can opt for a breezy silk chiffon dress, which will be warmer, but at least will breathe somewhat. Choosing a slightly loose style will be more comfortable on a warm day, because it won’t attach to the skin. You don’t have to choose silk as it looks notoriously bad with sweat stains. A lovely choice would be a spaghetti strap chiffon dress in a summery melon color. An empire waist style is ideal, as it won’t be clingy around the middle. You may also choose a floor length dress if your wedding is quite formal, otherwise opt for a cooler knee length style. Hopefully you will get inspired from these ideas for you summer bridesmaid dresses.

red summer bridesmaid dresses
short summer bridesmaid dresses

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