Bridesmaid Updo Hairstyles

bridesmaid updo hairstyles

Ideas on Bridesmaid Updo Hairstyles

Bridesmaid updo hairstyles are much preferred by many bridesmaids because they look elegant and beautiful also it’s suitable with all hair length and also great for curly or fine hair. In fact updo hairstyles are not only preferred by brides. Even bridesmaids are now opting to wear updo hairstyles to complement their entire look. Here are just some stunning bridesmaid updo hairstyles ideas to consider.

French twist rank among the most well-liked stunning bridesmaid updo hairstyles worn by many bridesmaids in most weddings nowadays. This hairstyle works well for medium and long hair. There are now a number of different variations to the classic French twist that is being worn by bridesmaids. In preference to going for the clean, classic look, the French twist is done somewhat looser than usual. It allows a few strands in front to frame gracefully the face of the bridesmaid. For brunettes, adding rhinestone accessories to these already stunning bridesmaid updo hairstyles will add a bit of elegance and glamour to your entire look.

french twist updo bridal hairstyles

Ballerina buns look simple, yet stunning bridesmaid updo hairstyles that would work well if the bride requires the bridesmaids to wear a hairpiece. The simplicity of this elegant updo makes it ideal for bridesmaids of all ages. In some cases, the ballerina bun is framed with the use of twists and braids to generate a subtle, yet, elegant accent to these stunning bridesmaid updo hairstyles.

ballerina bun hairstyle updo for bridesmaids

And among the different stunning bridesmaid updo hairstyles, one of the most popular remains to be the simplest: the classic ponytail. This updo works well for both straight and curly hair. It is also a great updo to use if the bride had requested her bridesmaids to wear a headpiece such as a tiara made out of flowers. The ponytail can be gathered up high to the top of the crown, and the strands are allowed to flow as is or given an extra touch of glam by setting your hair with roller barrels before you gather your hair up in a ponytail. For a more feminine touch, allow a few strands to fall delicately on the side of your face.

ponytail hairstyle updo for bridesmaids

While the bride is the center of attention in every wedding, it does not mean that bridesmaids should not look their best. As part of the entourage, your bridesmaids are included in most. And with bridesmaid updo hairstyles, they would look very stunning and elegant in your wedding day. [via]

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