Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

It has become a popular way to place funny wedding cake toppers on a wedding cake. This way is able to add a unique touch to your wedding reception. There are many funny wedding cake toppers available and ultimately the one you decide to choose will be based on both your personalities. Here are examples of funny wedding cake toppers preferred by many couples who want to inject a little fun and uniqueness into their weddings.

funny wedding cake toppers

If you are a sport enthusiast, you can have ideas from sports. Funny wedding cake toppers may be anything that symbolizes your favorite sports. For example, a football helmet, soccer ball, basketball, baseball. Another idea is by having a unique cake figurine wherein the bride and the groom are dressed up in the uniform of their favorite team.

funny soccer wedding cake toppers
funny ski wedding cake toppers

If you like music, you can have some ideas from this. It can be both funny and unique to have a wedding cake that has a topper in the form of the couple’s favorite musical instrument such as a saxophone, guitar and even a piano. And if you like travelling, you can have a wedding topper in the form of airplane or ship.

funny wedding cake topper

You can find wedding cake toppers in a variety of places or create your own. Online stores have the widest variety and a good cake person can customize a Caucasian one to be ethnic if you need it. You can also find many themed toppers online. There are many funny ways to have funny wedding cake toppers. But the most important thing to remember about having funny wedding cake toppers is that it is a way couples can show their personalities to their guests.

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