Beach Wedding Cakes

Presenting beach wedding cakes is a must for the brides and grooms who are going to have a beach wedding theme. Beach wedding cakes can be anything from incredibly elegant to just-plain-fun. They can depend on a lot of things. They can depend on the couples’ style, interests and hobbies. They can also depend on theme of the event, the time of year, the characteristics and layout of the location.

beach wedding cakes

Most likely the most popular and elegant of all beach wedding cakes is to have it decorated with edible shells of all shapes and colors, if you’d like. It will also look lovely and classic to have a blue frosted cake with white shells, but you could easily frost the cake with any other color if you have a color theme you are working with. A white cake with white or ivory shells also looks very elegant, however you can also go ‘whimsical’ by having the shells be different colors. And of course there are still many ideas and designs of beach wedding cakes that you can find out.

unique beach wedding cakes

Sandcastle wedding cakes are also well-likes not only as we all remember building sandcastles at the beach when we were still a child but since they also represent a ‘fairytale’ wedding where all dreams come true. Other nice and unique beach wedding cakes are sea shell cakes, marine wild life cakes, surf cakes, tropical flower cakes, palm and coconut cakes, buried treasure cakes, lighthouse cakes and still many more.

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