Chinese Wedding Cakes

Nowadays, you will find that Chinese wedding cakes are produced all around the world. They are produced for newlyweds of Chinese ethnicity or for those for whom China holds a special place. The Chinese wedding cake that you see might be traditional or it could simply be having fun with a Chinese theme. You will also find that there is more than one type of Chinese wedding cake. They are the traditional ‘Double Happiness ‘ and ‘Dragon and Phoenix cake’ which are due to the imprints of dragons and phoenixes on the cake.

chinese wedding cakes

Conventionally the groom’s family presents these old-style Chinese cakes to the family of the bride. A number of of these cakes are used to worship or revere the ancestors, while the rest may be sent with the wedding invitations to guests. For the purpose of the wedding reception, the wedding cake is a large, multi-layered construction. Because red is a dominant wedding theme with the Chinese, it is not surprising if Chinese wedding cakes are often red with symbols denoting happiness and prosperity.

red chinese wedding cakes

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