Expensive Wedding Cakes

Most of brides and grooms don’t actually want to look expensive wedding cakes. But it is no accident that some of the most beautiful wedding cake creations also comes in costing a packet. The expensiveness of these wedding cakes can be seen from the design and ingredients. The quality of the ingredients, sometimes the cut size and detail, not to mention the addition of wedding cake jewelry and precious stones, often places the most expensive cakes on the tables of Monarchs and celebrities.

expensive wedding cakes

The use of additional precious items such as gold leaf, pearls, swarovski crystals, diamonds and precious stones which are designed specifically is intended to remove these special wedding cakes from the realms of the ordinary and the means of the majority. The expense undertaken in the construction of these gorgeous wedding cakes, places them firmly in the domain of the celebrity chef and the very wealthy.The wedding cake cost of these amazing, expensive wedding cakes is normally determined by the degree of design and difficulty, intricacy, decorations etc.

expensive wedding cake pictures

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