Showing the Uniqueness of Wedding with Unique Wedding Cakes

One of ways to show the uniqueness of your wedding is by presenting unique wedding cakes. Choosing a unique wedding cake is a must if you want to be something different and you really want something at your wedding that your guests will talk about for years to come. And of course there are many unique wedding cakes ideas that you can find out. Here are some unique wedding cakes for your inspirations.

unique wedding cakes

If you admire the Eiffel tower, you can have an idea from this. A cake of a model of this tower will look very unique in your wedding. It can be a six and a half foot affair, with real lights all up and down the tower. Another idea is a square wedding cake that had two swans swimming on a pond on top of it, all made out of icing. It is a very elaborate cake, with ribbons and flowers adorning it as well.

unique shrek wedding cakes

If you like “Shrek” movie, you can have a “Shrek” cake. This wedding cake can be two layers, and on the bottom layer had an icing design of Donkey and the dragon. Another option for unique wedding cakes is “box” wedding cakes. These cakes are just shaped like a box; one of these wedding cakes is a three layered cake, and each of the layers is decorated like a different present, complete with bows. Another cake is shaped and elaborately decorated as an open hat box, with flowers spilling out of it.

unique eiffel tower wedding cakes
unique chinese wedding cakes

And one of the most unique wedding cakes is a Chinese wedding cake. It can be a three layered red cake, decorated with the most intricate detail and flowers. Another strange wedding cake is a Phantom of the Opera wedding cake. This one is just one layer, and it is white, black and red, with the white mask sitting on top of black icing, and a red icing “cloth” draped over it.

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