Simple Summer Wedding Cakes

Having a wedding in summer will be a very memorable moment for every woman. Summer is a season of joy and celebration. Your celebration of your wedding would be complete with the availability of beautiful summer wedding cake. Even with simple summer cakes, you will experience the most wonderful wedding in summer. Some ideas for a simple summer wedding cake are available to apply.

simple summer wedding cakes

A heavy dark chocolate wedding cake, while scrumptious, but it might be a bit too rich for a July wedding reception. You can lean towards more refreshing flavors, like classic white cake, lemon, or even key lime. It is important to think about the season when choosing your frosting, as well. If your wedding will be outdoors, butter cream will be sure to melt in the heat of an August afternoon. A more hardy frosting like fondant will be a much safer option.

simple wedding cakes for summer wedding
simple summer wedding cakes with flowers

Having trips to the beach is one of the best things about summer, and you can use that as the inspiration for your summer wedding cake. Coral is one of the most elegant and sophisticated beach motifs that you can use for decorative accents. The graceful lines of coral climbing up the tiers of a wedding cake will look very chic and minimalist. It is also nice to create an underwater theme confection with schools of vibrant fish for decorations. Seahorses would make another fun water related motif. Of course you can’t go wrong with a classic seashell design for your cake, either. These are great ideas for your simple summer wedding cakes.

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