Winter Wedding Decorations: Natural Ideas

The most beautiful natural decorations of any time of the year can be seen in the winter season. It can go well beyond flowers. These seasonal accents are able to be the perfect choice to decorate a wedding ceremony or reception. You can use pinecones, cranberries, greenery, and much more to create a naturally beautiful winter wedding.

winter wedding decorations

There are a lot of beautiful things you can use to adorn your winter wedding decorations. Seasonal greenery, such as boxwood, pine boughs, and holly is a good place to start with. You can use these in numerous ways to beautify your wedding location. You can also create a crisp and clean look with tidy square boxwood wreaths adorning the church doors. Then you can hang them with wide silver ribbon for an elegant touch.

winter wedding table decorations

The use of boxwood also will work magnificently to generate a custom set of the bride and groom’s first initials to ornament the doors to the venue, hang on their dinner chairs, or on a wall in the reception site. The application of pine boughs with long needles would be lovely around the bases of vases or hurricane lanterns, down staircase banisters, or as runners down the centers of long dinner tables. You can twine holly around candelabras or on the backs of gold chiavari chairs.

indoor winter wedding decorations
table decorations for winter wedding

The use of fragrant oranges as the versatile natural materials will also be great to decorate a winter wedding. They are able to add a nice pop of color to winter decor. Arranging an assortment of oranges, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and greenery in a low footed bowl is very creative for a quick yet festive way to dress up the guest book table, escort card table, or bar at the cocktail hour. To add a rich holiday fragrance to a winter wedding, you can create old-fashioned orange pomanders by studding oranges with cloves and hanging from ribbons. An orange pomander and a spray of pine greenery would make a marvelous pew decoration for the wedding ceremony.

Natural ideas for winter wedding decorations are such a wonderful way to celebrate the season, while also making your wedding festive and beautiful. Dressing them up with crystals is a great way for a more formal winter wedding, or giving them a homespun flair with lots of rustic accents. The colors, fragrances, and style of the natural elements are sure to make your winter wedding decorations warm and inviting.

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