How to Make Unique Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

By being creative, you will be able to create wedding centerpieces on a budget that still look beautiful and unique. You can still make unique wedding centerpieces without having to use expensive flowers and elaborate decorations. It is all in the way you position your flowers and complimenting accessories. Here are the steps to produce unique wedding centerpieces.

unique wedding centerpieces

Choose the type of flowers you desire to have for your centerpiece is the first thing you’ll need to do. When you are purchasing flowers and you are on a budget, it is better for you to choose the flowers which coincide with the time of year. Opting for flowers that are currently in season is going to be the cheapest. You will then require making a decision what to put your bouquets of flowers in. You can buy a variety of types of unique vases at any local super store or craft shop and many discount stores will often provide these on clearance.

The next step is placing a ribbon that fits your decor around the vase. Once you have selected the ribbon you will desire to cover it around the vase and include a dab of glue to hold it there. And then you can make a bow, not just any bow, but a bow with multiple layers of ribbon weaving back and forth. Weaving back and forth and stacking these will provide you the loops for your elegant bow.

wedding centerpieces on a budget

After that you can take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the center of the stack and tie it strongly. Once you have done this you will then desire to go to the loops of fabric and display them around in a circle. Then open the loops up and puff them up to stay in place. Next, you can add some glue to the back of the ribbon in the center and glue the ribbon onto your vase. You’ll see now a beautiful ribbon for you centerpiece vase.

Now it’s time to organize the flowers you have selected. If you are holding a summer wedding most flower shops will have a sale on roses, an all-time wedding classic. Depending on the size of your wedding, you’ll desire to purchase enough flowers. If you’re having a small wedding with only four main guest tables for example, it is recommended to have 3-4 dozen being spread out among the four vases.

Allowing one dozen per vase will make for a beautiful centerpiece. You can divide all the flowers up on one table to allow you to flow from one vase to another quite easily. You can also add some complimenting flowers with the roses such babies breath, and various greens. If you consider that it looks better with certain flowers in the middle or certain flowers around the edges, you can arrange them accordingly. Well, now you can see that it really is easy to make beautiful simple wedding centerpieces on a budget.

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