Ideas for Fall Wedding Themes

fall wedding themes

It is common for couples to plan for a fall wedding because the colors in this season are usually vibrant and beautiful. It will be even better if you are going to host an outdoor wedding. The natural scenery in autumn is just excellent.

To this end you may know that you will have a lot of choices and potential if you are planning for a fall wedding. The theme can also be very special. Although a fall wedding theme is very common, no two fall wedding theme will be the same. This is because you have virtually unlimited choices. Besides, it will become a unique theme once you try to put your personal touch to your big day. Below are some idea you can think of for your fall wedding theme.

Traditionally, autumn is usually the season for apple picking. As a result, you can think of the notion of apple for your big day. How apples are related to your wedding? Does an apple somehow reflect you and your partner? To be more literal, you can put apples on the tables in your reception. Or you can give each guest an apple when they arrive.

Of course you may also decorate your venue in a way that the colors match the color of apple. To be wild, you may even decorate your venue such that it is like being surrounded by a lot of apple trees. You may even design your wedding dresses such that you look like an apple!

Besides apple, you may also think of the idea of pumpkins. Again, you can put pumpkins on the tables in your reception. Due to the size of a pumpkin, you can use it to make the centerpiece of a table. Putting a candle on it can be very interesting. However, you should be very careful when you are designing your pumpkin centerpiece. Since pumpkin with candle will make people think of Halloween! Unless you are going to have a Halloween wedding theme, you should try to avoid doing something that make people think of Halloween.

There are a lot of ideas you can think of. You should let your imagination flies and you will certainly be able to create your own fall wedding theme. You should always bear in mind that the sky is the actual limit and you can do it as wild as you can. Yet you should remember to consider your guests as well as your budget otherwise you will just be going too far.[via]

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