Classic Spring Wedding Theme Ideas

classic spring wedding theme ideasSpring is a wonderful season. It is a season of imagination. You could match the brightest colors together and let your wedding full of luminous spring feeling. The following is some hottest spring wedding theme ideas for 2011-2012 spring seasons.

pink themed weddingPink Themed Wedding – Pink may be the most ordinary color in spring season, so the first classic spring wedding idea is to utilize pink. After the wedding, you could send your guests colorful candy that is packed with pink silk ribbon, or present heart shaped candles to the guests. Keep in mind to make your wedding most impressive, you should consider making use of fresh flowers along with the gifts.

light green themed weddingLight Green Themed Ceremony – Could spring go without green? Certainly not, so for your spring wedding décor, you may bring into play the light green table cloth and match it with bright colors and generate a garden like ceremony. Also, using other color, like light purple, chartreuse for decoration is a decent idea that most brides will like.

Yellow Themed Styles – After you come to a decision of the main color for your wedding, you could design a logo for the ceremony. Certainly, the logo should insert the main wedding color, the wedding styles. Most significantly, you can utilize the logo on the wedding invitation, photos or even the signing book.

Sky Blue Themed Ceremony – Besides pink, green and yellow, spring wedding theme idea could make use of sky blue as the main color. And may be the bride could be dressed in darker blue dress, and the bridesmaids wear the same colors dress yet with different styles.

Green Themed Styles – If light green is not your taste, green color could also be employed as the major color in spring wedding idea. Green wedding dress, green shoes, flowers fitted with green plants. In words, any green décor are welcomed in your spring wedding.

dark blue theme weddingDark Blue Themed WeddingElegant wedding ceremony could be easily ornamented with dark blue color. The bride could opt for white gown, and the bridesmaid all wear in the same dark silk dress. To match the dark blue, some similar colors, like light blue, powder blue, etc. could be applied to your wedding. And of course there are still many ideas for classic spring wedding themes that you can find out.

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