Gold Platinum Wedding Rings

gold platinum wedding ringWedding rings come in various choices of materials such as gold, silver, platinum and others. Always keep in mind one thing regarding pure gold, it is harder than tin and its beauty and luster cannot be compared to any alloyed gold. But some of its features like malleability, ductility and softness make pure gold useless for jewelers. That is where alloying metals comes in to play. They are added to gold so that it becomes tougher and stronger.

When you are searching for gold platinum wedding rings, it is very significant to comprehend the term carat. Hypothetically speaking a carat says the amount of gold, as a percentage of the total. 24 karat is regarded to be 100 percent gold. But every country has their own set of predefined carat procedures. For instance, in the United States, 18, 14, and 10 carat gold are the only carats sold as ‘carated’ gold. Color plays a pivotal part in gold platinum wedding rings. The addition of alloying metals to gold is used to alter the color.

gold platinum wedding ring design

As said by experts, most of the gold platinum wedding rings come in standard sizes. Jewelers can resize almost any ring to a 1/4 size, but it will be termed as a special order and the price of the rings will boost. You should order the ring one size smaller than you require and attempt it on. If you come across it to be tight, take it to your local jewelry repair shop, and have your ring finger measured to find out if you need the ring 1/4 or 1/2 size larger. If you necessitate it 1/2 size larger, then send the ring you purchased back to jeweler for an exchange. If it only needs to be 1/4 size larger, then do it locally. In general, the charge to resize a ring is usually around $10-$20.

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