Making Vibrant Spring Wedding Theme

spring wedding table decorationsA spring wedding offers a theme of excitement. It’s the time of year when flowers start to bloom and the warm air is revitalizing. Although we lose an hour of sleep, you’d never recognize it. We’re rejuvenated from the long winter months. The bulky clothing gets packed away until next year, and we’re ready to bare some skin.

This is exceptionally great news to the bride who wishes to wear a sleeveless wedding gown, or a gown made out of lighter material. Spring weddings make lighter dress attire appealing to everyone! The bridal party can wear elegant bridal gown in pastel colors of blue, yellow, pink, mauve, white, and aqua.

spring wedding centerpiecesSpring weddings are embraced by many couples every year. Most couples who married in spring would tell you that it’s the perfect season for a marriage ceremony. You can integrate beautiful seasonal flowers into your décor, such as Easter lilies, daffodils, tulips and Irises. In the colder months, these flowers are out of season and are very difficult to find. Spring comes with an opportunity to embrace life and partnership. What better way to articulate your undying love that a spring wedding?

To compliment the theme, our tables can be draped with pastel linens, use watering cans as table centerpieces and place fresh cut flowers into their centers. Daffodils and or tulips make a gorgeous touch and they give off such a pleasing scent. You can use bright colored ribbons to travel down any poles in the reception hall. It will remind family members of Maypoles, which are also linked with spring. If you are getting married on a date close to the Easter holiday, integrate an Easter theme to your wedding. Give miniature wicker baskets that include small personalized gifts as a wedding favor. After all, giving wedding favors is important, as its proper wedding etiquette.

If there are lots of small children invited to your wedding, give them room to play. Use fun games, such as an Easter egg hunt, or pin the tail on the bunny. They’ll have the time of their lives on your special day. It’s something that they’ll never forget. It will let your imagination run wild as you select your decorations. If for example, you love butterflies, use them in your spring wedding theme. You can also use butterfly card holders to let each guest recognize where they’ll be seated. Hang butterfly decorations from the ceiling. If you can find butterfly candle holders to hold a votive, by all means do it. This is an occasion that only happens once in a lifetime. With the ideas above, you will have a really vibrant spring wedding theme.

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