Popular Winter Wedding Themes

winter wedding theme

Making a world of charm is every bride’s dream when they are going to have a winter wedding. Winter is a magical time of the year and you can select from a variety of themes and styles for your dream wedding day. A wedding planning begins with deciding on the theme. Everything beginning from invitations, the décor, the cake, the favors and the like need to be chosen based on the wedding theme. The cold season truly presents a host of wedding ideas and a lot of gorgeous wedding themes.

A very well-liked theme is the one which is called the snowflake theme. Snow and anything in white is a great way to capture the spirit of winter. You can very easily obtain décor elements and themed flower arrangements which would go add to the snowflake theme. You can be creative with your menu and choice of cake. White and silver snowflakes can be hung from ceilings for a dramatic effect.

A Christmas theme is also quite well-liked as it is the biggest celebration of the winter season. There is a wide assortment of ready-made holiday decorations obtainable, and a variety of sub-themes are varied. You can opt traditional Christmas decorations or go with unique themed decorations depending on your budget. A silver and gold themed wedding is unique and is selected by a lot of couples as a result of its elegance and simplicity. If you like a winter themed wedding that will sparkle, then this is the theme for you. A gold and silver combination creates the ideal backdrop for any wedding. Plan your décor accordingly so that you have a complete and graceful look. Like for your tables you might desire to use a white tablecloth and sprinkle some gold and silver confetti around the center of the table.

There is a wide option of themes ranging from the traditional to the contemporary to assist your turn your wedding into a winter wonderland. No matter what wedding reception supplies you decide on, do keep in mind to stick with your wedding theme to generate a lasting impression on your wedding day. You can select wedding colors according to your personality and a theme that acknowledges the beauty and mastery of nature to add an air of elegance to your wedding. [via]

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