Spring Wedding Theme with Daffodils

spring wedding theme with daffodilsFlowers always generate a beautiful theme for a wedding. You can boost the concept by choosing a signature flower which embodies the spirit of the season. Here are some ideas on learning how to design a beautiful spring wedding with a daffodil theme.

Daffodils become one of the perennial signs of spring. They are fresh and cheerful. They would be completely wonderful as the theme for a spring marriage celebration. When a flower is your signature motif, obviously the bouquets and centerpieces will become a key part of your design. The signature flower can also be used on invitations, the wedding cake, and much more. The great thing about daffodils is that they have a variety of color combinations and sizes, so you are able to plan a very interesting wedding around the single design concept.

A simple bouquet of white daffodils would be perfect for the bride. The idea is to tie it with a pale yellow satin ribbon to dress it up, or choose a fun check or stripe ribbon for a more casual flavor. This would be a beautiful bouquet to carry with a white lace or organza wedding gown worn with pearl bridal jewelry. A pearl headband would be a pretty complement to the bridal jewelry. For the bridesmaids, a fine-looking bouquet would be one created from several colors of daffodils. You can mix all yellow blossoms with yellow and white, yellow and orange, and orange and white for a fresh-from-the-garden appeal. The miniature daffodils would be just right for a junior bridesmaid or flower girl to hold.

daffodils wedding centerpiecesAs for wedding centerpieces for a daffodil theme wedding, you can opt for some varieties to mingle for visual interest. Spring bulbs always look fantastic when displayed as potted plants, so one centerpiece idea is daffodils which are planted in pretty pots. You can cover the soil with moss or smooth pebbles for a finished look. Daffodils are also gorgeous when they are displayed very simply, so another great centerpiece option is by having arrangements of cut flowers in clear vases. A trio of vases with different colors of daffodils will keep the design from looking too simple. If you yearn for more formal centerpieces, you can combine yellow and white daffodils with other spring blossoms such as sweet peas and tulips.

Definitely the arrival of wedding cake offers the perfect place to showcase your wedding theme. A charming idea would be to top a pale yellow butter-cream cake with a tiny basket filled with sugar daffodil blossoms. Another pretty cake idea is a white butter-cream cake with gingham ribbon wrapped around the base of each tier. You can also add clusters of sugar daffodils around each tier in a scattered design. You can keep the inside of the cake as light and springy as the decorations by selecting a classic white cake or a lemon flavored confection.

daffodil wedding favoursThere are many more ideas for incorporating a daffodil theme into your spring wedding. A fun spring wedding favor idea is tiny pots with a single blossom or even a fancy bag with bulbs that guests can take home and plant. The white and yellow colors of daffodils can be carried throughout the wedding decorations and table linens for a cohesive design. Add touches of light green for just a hint of contrast. Without a doubt, a daffodil theme is a fresh and fun idea for a spring wedding.

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