Tips when Purchasing 14k Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

yellow gold wedding ringA wedding ring is a fundamental part of the wedding ceremony. It is in western and in European culture that during wedding and in engagement, the couples exchange the rings as a tradition. This tradition has been lasting for thousands of years in the past as it is in the present. At the altar both the groom and the bride exchange vows with the ring. It symbolizes commitment, fidelity and love for each other.

The element gold shows purity. Frequently it is connected with wedding as part of its piousness and spirituality. Except for gold, wedding rings are also made of platinum, titanium, silver, white gold, etc. A number of are studded with gems like diamond, sapphire or ruby.

14k yellow gold wedding ringsYellow gold symbolizes subtlety yet sophistication that have been linked with jewelry for ages. Yellow gold is not only pleasantly soft in it presentation yet bright to attract attention. Refined gold jewelry is ideal for regular use as it’s hard-wearing and also wearable with every occasion. 14K yellow wedding rings are 58.3% pure. The remaining elements are alloys that are added to toughen it up. Here are 5 tips to consider when buying 14k yellow gold wedding rings.

1. Give careful consideration to the Jeweler’s name: Reputed and recognized jewelers should be considered when purchasing anything as vital and as precious as your wedding ring. Quality is warranted in such reputed shops and you are bound to accept 100% pure gold. You also get resell value and certificate of purity. Branded shops always have guaranteed quality of purity with their names.

2. Fix your budget: Budget is always vital when you are buying jewelry. There are a variety of options that are open on every budget. Before you choose any design or choose any style you first always must fix your budget within which you are considering to buy your ring.

3. Design and style selection: In 14k yellow gold, there are following design and styles:
You can go for rings that are studded with gems. On gems you have diamonds, emerald, ruby, sapphire etc. You can also choose finishes for your yellow gold. It can be glossy as well as matte. Some people go for a combination of both types. And you can also go for varied engraving. Engravings can be your names, pet names or any special message that you might want to give your partner. A number of couples also go for their favorite love songs.

4. Select the size: Wedding ring is something which partners wish to wear always. As said by you lifestyle and fitting you should consider the size of your wedding ring. It is always wise that you choose a size that is a little higher and the ring should never sit tight on your finger. It should fit your fingers cozily at every season.

5. Research well about the price: Look through all the general sites as well as the trademark sites that are accessible online. This way you would have a general idea about the prices and styling of the wedding bands.

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