Today’s Wedding Ring Trend

celtic wedding ringWedding ring comes in many choices of materials, designs and prices. Out there, there is a huge variety of wedding rings to select from. Here are the most popular wedding ring trends currently for your ideas.

Platinum wedding rings – They are tremendously well-liked for more than a few reasons. First of all, the metal is very hard wearing and strong, vital for a ring that will be on your finger for a long time. Platinum is also hypoallergenic, making it a sensible choice for anyone suffering from skin conditions. Who desires a wedding ring they are allergic to? Lastly, that fabulous luster is going to remain on that wedding ring. Unlike most white gold, platinum wedding rings are not plated to attain that sheen, ensuring no visits to the jeweler to keep the shine topped up.

Titanium wedding rings – They make popular selections for those in contact with corrosive chemicals or harsh conditions. Titanium is also hypoallergenic. Titanium rings are now obtainable in a range of tints for very contemporary looks. Because of the fact that titanium is almost indestructible, resizing of a wedding ring made from titanium can be problematic.

Celtic wedding rings – They have been around for centuries. In recent times, Celtic wedding rings often extremely ornate and symbolic rings have seen a huge resurgence in popularity. Owing to the varied selections of Celtic knots and scrolls, there is plenty of room for individuality. Celtic can be even more eye catching as two tone, or decorated with diamonds.

Braided wedding rings – They can be quite similar in appearance to Celtic. These classics are a great choice for those who are not searching for overly ornate. Like the Celtic rings, braided rings can look magnificent in two and three tone metals.

Paisley wedding rings – They can be a great selection for those who love the Art Nouveau era. Flowers, leaves, and scrollwork are the patterns for engraving and etching. Perfect for his and hers, and stand alone wedding band.

Wedding rings with diamonds – Both brides and grooms are increasingly choosing a little blink on their wedding band. Selections range from all over pave settings, to channel settings, to wedding rings with a row of diamonds top and bottom leaving the middle of the band free to be plain or worked, such as with Celtic knots or paisley designs.

hammered wedding ringsHammered wedding rings – They make great selections for the groom who wants a little visual interest and texture without too much fussiness. Hammered rings are also a practical choice for anyone who is likely to be hard wearing on their wedding ring. A few dents and scratches will be much less obvious on a worked ring such as this. For extra appeal, these wedding rings are also obtainable in two tone metals.

Two tone wedding rings – They are becoming gradually more popular. One of the main reasons is that the inclusion of more than one color metal ensures your wedding ring will look good with all of your existing jewelry, for instance, both your stainless steel watch and your gold dress watch. Two tone metals can also be a great way to integrate both the bride and the groom’s personal metal preferences into both the wedding bands. Find more wedding rings.

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