White Gold Wedding Rings with Unique Happiness Inside

white gold wedding ring with a diamondWhite gold wedding rings are beautiful pieces of workmanship. They become the most important part of the ceremony. They are sometime said as ‘the final nail in the coffin’. However, history tells us that this important occasion has been around since the time of the Ancient Egyptians in their pomp and glory. As said by the oldest records concerning the giving of wedding rings, this is mentioned to be around 5000 years ago. Though at that time, they were associated with the supernatural and also never-ending eternity of love.

They are said to have discovered a secret vein that runs from the ring finger straight to the heart. They gave it a very seductive name, they called it ‘Vena Amoris’, which is Latin for the Vein of Love. This is said to be on the left hand, however, this is not always the case in some European countries. Some European women tend to wear their wedding rings on their right hand ring finger. Also in some countries, some women wear three rings, one being an engagement ring. The other is the ring for the wedding and the third is the ring for motherhood. Yet to think that a number of people think about that buying one white gold ring as bewildering and sometimes expensive. What about those men who have to buy three rings?

While in Ancient Roman times they came up with an unusual concept that relates to the wedding ring. A concept is not practice today, since people are more liberated and open-minded. The idea was that once the woman received the ring it was tantamount to being a legally binding contract. It states that the woman was no longer free, but instead the property of the giver of the ring. Nowadays however, some aspect of tying the knot can sometimes seem bewildering to say the least. For example, going into a jewelry store to select a ring can at times be intimidating as for the varieties to choose from. Eventually your first step to choosing your rings for your wedding would be to consider the type of metal you want to wear.

Even though the plain wedding bands are still the most popular, most couples today are opting to accentuate their personalities by choosing rings with that little bit extra. While others might consider selecting owing to their budget and others still might just want to go with the blink appeal. In either case white gold rings have been the popular choice for many years now. One of the reasons for this is since white gold tends to boost any diamond. Simply since the metal is white and it will not project its’ color onto the diamond, allowing you to see the true beauty of the diamond. However, this white shiny luster that you see when you look at white gold wedding rings is really rhodium coating, which is found on most white gold jewelry today.

White gold wedding rings are evenly as popular for men as they are for women and loads of couples today are both wearing rings. The stones might be matching, but a number of other aspects of the rings could be completely different. As an instance, the man’s ring could be a brushed metal giving the ring a modern feel and look. While the woman’s wedding ring might be polished giving a more traditional look and feel. Another thing to think about is that since the man’s hand and fingers are bigger, the shape of the rings will be different. Irrespective of your decision, white gold wedding rings will always be the well-liked option for the majority of couples, simply since they have an exquisite looking.

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