Diamond Wedding Rings

diamond wedding rings

The diamond ring is symbolized as a presentation of love in marriage. Rings date back thousands of years and wedding rings have been recognized due to words inscribed on the ring, documenting the marriage agreement endorsed before the emperor’s image. The importance of the wedding ring was clearly identified by the 7th century bishop Isidore of Seville as a sign of fidelity and something that enjoined two hearts as they pledged themselves in marriage. It was supposed to be worn on the fourth finger since it was believed that one particular vein flowed from there to the heart.

There are many brides in these modern times, however, like to wear their engagement ring together with their wedding ring, on the same finger. Ring designers bear this in mind while creating rings; another thing they think about is that there are many women who prefer symmetrically matching diamond rings with diamonds of the same size and shape.

diamond wedding ring set

Diamond wedding rings are pieces of jewelry that will most likely be worn all the time, for a very long time to come. In addition, wedding rings reveal a person’s choice and style, even personality. There is one rule of thumb while selecting wedding rings: smaller rings match smaller hands, while the opposite naturally is true for big-boned hands.

Another trend that is catching on is matching wedding rings, featuring hand-made designs with diamonds for the lady and any costly stone to go with it for the gentleman. There are some jewelers who give customers the opportunity to design their own diamond wedding rings. They present solitaire settings, three stone settings or multiple-stone setting with platinum, 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold, for example. Diamond wedding rings must be selected with care since they will sit on people’s fingers as signs of love to be treasured, while being a constant reminder of wedding vows and mutual commitment to marriage.

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