Fun and Fantastic Beach Wedding Favors

photo framesAre you going to plan a wedding held at the beach or a tropical, nautical or beach themed wedding at another outdoor or indoor location? While the food, music, photos and fun will surely be kept in mind by your guests, your wedding favors send your guests home with a touchable memory of the festivities. You can complete your perfect wedding with whimsical, functional or stylish beach wedding favors that guests absolutely won’t leave behind at the end of the evening. Beach wedding favors can be a fun and very fantastic.

Functional Beach Wedding Favors – Beach wedding favors combining style and function are a favorite for a lot of brides because they make sure guests will use them for a long while after the wedding, and keep in mind the bride and groom and their extraordinary day each time the favor is used.

In the meantime, photo frames are a frequented favor on account of their dual purposes at the wedding as well as their high usability once brought home. Framing your guests’ names with a photo frame serves as a unique place card as well as a thank you for sharing your day, plus they can be applied with nearly any picture at home. There are a wide variety of beach themed picture frames obtainable to select from. You can try a photo frame with starfish for a touch of whimsy, or choose a shimmery or sparkly tropical themed picture frame to add instant personality to any tabletop. Whatever type of frame you select for your beach wedding favor, make sure that it is not so large that it overwhelms the table or place settings. Other functional and fantastic beach wedding favors could be used at the wedding or reception. Seashell themed hand fans can be given out for when the temperature rises or your guests get too hot on the dance floor, or invest in some flip-flops or sandals for guests to cut a rug in and later have on to the beach or pool.

flip flop candlesWell-liked and useful beach favors for use at home include beach themed, starfish or flip flop candles or candles that match your color scheme; starfish wine stoppers; miniature wooden deck chairs that double as a place holder and candle holders; sunglasses or flip flop key chains.

Just for Fun Beach Wedding Favors – Your beach wedding favors can be for fun. Therefore they don’t essentially have to be functional. Occasionally you just desire to have fun, and offering fun-filled novelty beach wedding favors can really assist to get the party started at your wedding reception.

Some great ideas are Frisbees (absolutely for weddings on the beach), beach themed gliders, or wedding party bottle holders (available as t-shirt shaped tuxedos or zippered wedding dresses). If you desire a number of unique memories of your wedding, you can put a beach designed single use camera on each table and get ready for hilarity to ensue. Guests will offer a different vantage point of the wedding, and often times will catch special moments that your photographer might miss.

Special Beach Wedding Favor Boxes – There are a lot of brides and grooms opting for edible favors for example candy, cookies or cakes that guests can consume at the wedding or take home. This is a good way to share a favorite recipe or delicacy, but you don’t have to sacrifice your beach theme for these food favors. There is a wide variety of intriguing boxes, containers and bags for gifts, favors or treats that feature fun, fancy, elegant or whimsical designs to complement your beach wedding. You can pick colored containers with solid colors of aqua, sea foam green, azure, or various hues of blue. You can also select a design with swimming fish to contribute to a relaxing beach atmosphere or select a mini treasure chest to add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your beach wedding favors. Once you have found the perfect packaging, just fill each box, container or bag with your wedding goodies and set them out for your guests to enjoy. With the ideas above, surely your beach wedding favors can be really fantastic and a real fun.

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