Popular Ten Cheap Wedding Favors

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You don’t really have to present wedding favors on your wedding day. It is however a great way to let somebody see your gratitude for the presence and support of friends and family. For couples on a strict budget, a cheap wedding favor that will not go over $2 per piece is ideal. Here are some popular cheap wedding favors for your ideas.

homemade bookmarks
homemade bookmarks – details

Homemade Bookmarks – You can purchase one ream of stiff, high quality special paper for your cheap wedding favor. You can utilize a simple lay-out software to make a couple of bookmark sized squares for each piece of paper. Then, you can put your wedding picture on each square and a poem or message and print on your laser printer. Cut out the bookmark squares, punch a hole on each and attach silk ribbons.

Message in a Bottle – You can order small, empty party favor bottles in bulk for your cheap wedding favor. Print and slip in a special wedding message for each bottle. Then, you can wrap each bottle in tulle or put a ribbon around each.

Charity Cards – You can donate a dollar to your favorite charity for each guest or for each couple at your reception in place of handing out wedding favors. Give each guest a thank you card that also says that you have given an amount in favor of your charity. Some of your own guests might even desire to make a donation too.

Sea Shells – You can plan a trip with your friends to the beach and collect some smooth, great looking shells for your cheap wedding favor. Brush and carefully disinfect each shell and then wrap in tulle and silk ribbons. You may also instead have your cheap wedding favor engraved with your names.

Flower Seeds – Purchase a quantity of flower seeds in bulk or per sack. Stitch some mesh or tulle cloth into little packs and slip in a handful of flower seeds. Write a message on a tag and attach to your cheap wedding favor.

Wedding Cookies – Go for a variation on fortune cookies for a cheap wedding favor. Bake a batch of mini cookies and slip different messages on each cookie. Pack a couple of cookies in small paper boxes and wrap each box in tulle and ribbons.

Glycerin Soap – Get a quantity of materials from a local melt and pour glycerin soap supplier for a cheap wedding favor. Most purchases include beginner’s instructions. Customize each cheap wedding favor with dye scents, and molds of your choice.

Poem or Message Box – Type a couple of messages on small square slots on a piece of special hard paper. You can quote Biblical passages, famous lines or you can come up with your own personal messages and short poems. And then, cut out the pieces and place the pieces in small boxes tied with ribbons.

silk fans
silk fans – details

Silk Fan – You can buy silk fans in bulk and have your names engraved at the side or attach a card at the bottom with some silk rope.
Wedding Jam – You can buy small jam bottles in bulk. Then, fill each bottle with your homemade jam and attach a card with your name and wedding message on each cheap wedding favor.

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