The Shoe Series – Prom Shoes

Ideas on Prom Shoes

By Kathy Mercado
prom shoes

prom shoes

Prom shoes enhance the wearer’s personality and help them carry off well during prom events. They offer one of the best fun shopping experiences. While purchasing prom shoes, make sure they are of proper fit. Our feet expand as the day progresses. So, the shoe should be flexible and comfortable enough as you present yourself at the big event. Whether to select bare legs or hose is completely your choice. However, if you wish to wear hose with the dress, slip them on while trying your prom dress. You can even opt to take knee high pair and try them on at the store.

Comfort and Style Factor

Prom shoes add to the wearer’s style and comfort quotient. Though most opt for smashing shoes, comfortability is above everything. Avoid shoes that pinch your feet and select those which you would be comfortable in. Before you actually attend the big event, practice wearing the prom shoes, a couple of hours every day. This is highly important if you aren’t used to high heel shoes.

silver prom shoes

prom shoes


If you plan to attend after prom, better change your shoes at least once, so the feet doesn’t sore as you arrive home in wee hours. The shades of prom shoes either have to be of the same tone or a bit darker than prom dress. While black matches well with several darker colors, it’s a definite no for pastels. If you are not of the matching type, select metallic silver, gold or pewter for mild colored gowns. For glamorous formal gown, simpler varieties of prom shoes work best. Non-embellished types or those with lower heeled sling backs are a good option. Choose strappy shoes for shorter length prom dress or more casual dress. If you want to check out the season’s top prom dress and shop for the best deals, click online.

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