Christmas Wedding Cake Ideas

christmas wedding cake

Christmas wedding cakes are offered in the marketplace in an assortment of shapes and sizes. For fear that you possess a special obligation then it will be best to discuss with a confectioner. You could seek advice from him the type of cake you desire. Remember that a wedding cake serves a dual reason as it will double up as a Christmas cake as well. There are a lot of well-liked ideas that can aid you choose a wedding cake. Below are some ideas on beautiful and unique Christmas wedding cake to inspire you.

  1. You could possess your Christmas wedding cake which is shaped like a fir tree. A fir tree is a special sign in the celebrations. Giving your cake such a shape will be a foundation of great solace and happiness to you and your guests. Decorate the branches of the tree with goodies to eat.
  2. You may like your Christmas wedding cake to look a snow field with an abundance of pure white cream or icing to symbolize a snow field. Ice cream cones on the cake can be employed to embody pine trees. How about putting a tiny porcelain bride and groom couple in a dancing mode on top of the cake for added beauty? Your guests will love it.
  3. You could also have your tiered cake. This cake could be located on a small sleigh and further you can beautify it with models of Santa Claus and his reindeer. Such a Christmas wedding cake would surely improve the somberness of the time.
  4. For a filling you could use Marzipan which is a confection which is made of ground almonds and sugar with a touch of rose water. You can possess a feeling of chocolate, or raspberry whipped cream. The cake can be strewn with bright red flowers and roses.
    Your guests will love the exotic look.
  5. You could also opt to have Yule log and Buche noel with your Christmas wedding cake. Yule log is a 12th century custom on Christmas Eve when a huge log of freshly cut wood is carried to the house with great ceremony. While Buche noel is a delectably moist chocolate sponge cake. A cake with all these occasions is something more special.
  6. Exotic flowers could embellish your wedding table together with ribbons and bows. That will give a beautiful look that befits the occurrence. There are never-ending decorations that you can imagine.
  7. You may like to possess your Christmas wedding cake bedecked with green leaves and red roses. Or you may make a decision to opt for a white butter cake filled with strawberries and a small statue of Santa Claus on top or a young bride and groom holding hands. You will be in love with this as a memento.

A Christmas wedding cake is something special. This is a blessed circumstance and having a wedding on this holy day is something any couple will always value. Keep in mind the colors of red, green and white for your wedding cake. The cake would stand for two special occasions the fiesta itself and your wedding that will remember for all time to come.

christmas wedding cakes

Christmas waves a magic wand over this universe. This is the essence of this day. Nothing could be better than to walk up the aisle to the altar on this sacred day. Hopefully the above ideas on Christmas wedding cake help you to find your best and dream wedding cake for your Christmas wedding.

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