What to Know About Wedding Gowns

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The first wedding gown that was ever recorded in history was the one worn by Princess Philippa at her marriage to Erik of Denmark in year 1406. Since ancient past, brides have made their wedding gowns an extraordinary and delicate attire to go harmoniously with their sacred and special wedding and make themselves feel as stunning as princesses like in the fairytale. Wedding gown has been there for as long as weddings have.

Contrasting the white wedding gowns that we can see nowadays, bridal gowns in the old time were of posh materials like velvet and silk which were decorated with precious gems, sapphires, pearls and gold. They could be in red, purple and even black, as long as they were beautiful. They were usually full gathered skirts, very long trains and floor-sweeping sleeves. The brides would usually copy the gown designs of the royal weddings using cheaper fabrics. Blue, not white, was considered then as the symbol of purity in the middle ages. Thus, during those periods, brides and grooms wore blue ribbons at wedding ceremonies.

The wedding gowns that we can see today are quite a modern creation. White wedding gown has now being widely considered as the conventional color of wedding gown. Even though brides can still wear gowns in different colors, white is now regarded as the standard color of choice for weddings and has proceeded ever since. White becomes the most appropriate color for wedding gowns and is the customary color for any wedding as a crest for purity and innocence. Weddings give a rare chance for a bride to transform herself from daily casual attires into glamorous princesses. And now, modern-day brides tend to eclectically believe their own custom look and feel.

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Today wedding gown comes in more various colors, fabrics, designs and of course prices. Wedding gown designers also become more and more creative in their ideas. A bride has many options to get her dream and perfect wedding gowns from cheap or inexpensive up to expensive ones, from simple and common gowns till more elegant and luxurious ones. Whichever wedding gown you choose, you have to make sure that it is based on your own taste and personality. Your wedding must be the day when you feel comfortable and certainly totally happy with your wedding gown.

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