How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Bouquets

white wedding bouquets

There are various things to consider when you are choosing wedding bouquets. Your wedding bouquets must go harmoniously with the style of your wedding that you are going to have. It means that your wedding bouquets are not only beautiful and elegant but they should suit you and your wedding theme. If you are looking for wedding bouquet ideas, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect wedding bouquets.

The bride’s bouquet is the first bouquet that has to be designed beautifully. After that, you become the center of attention. After you have figured out precisely what you would like for your bouquet, then you can start to design the bouquets for your special bridesmaids. The only exception would be if you recognize that you will desire your bridesmaids to hold bouquets that are an exact model of your own, only on a smaller scale. If you choose very expensive blooms for yourself, you have to take into account that you will be facing a large expense once you multiply the cost per stem times four or five bridesmaids.

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Some of the important things such as size, style, color and season are those that you have to think about. The size of the bride’s bouquet should complement the size of the bride herself. It is generally very advised for more petite brides to carry more dainty bouquets such as poseys or nosegays. For the taller women, they can get away with a more abundant bouquet, either in the form of a larger nosegay or as a more dramatic cascade or arm bouquet.

And it is also advised that the shape of the bouquet that you opt for should echo the style of your wedding gown. For example, if you are planning to wear a 1950s inspired strapless gown with a full skirt, the round shape of a nosegay will be the perfect complement. Conversely, if your wedding gown is a slinky silk sheath, a slim and sophisticated bunch of calla lilies would be a much better match. And you also have to be careful that you do not cover up any of the special details on your wedding gown with a bouquet that is overly large or has a lot of trailing greens.

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The most beautiful bouquets will be appropriate to the season. You do not have to waste your time or money by trying to locate flowers that are not in season at the time of your wedding. As my friend, a florist told me, I might be able to discover your favorite flower out of season, but you may not like how it looks when it gets here. You are better off choosing an alternative that you can be convinced will arrive looking fresh and beautiful for your wedding day. A nice touch is to include seasonal accents in your wedding bouquets, such as wired acorns for an autumn wedding or holly mixed with red roses if your wedding day is at Christmastime.

After you have selected the perfect bridal bouquet, there is another thing to consider. It is time to think about the bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids’ bouquets should be similar to yours in shape and formality, but they need not match accurately. Choosing bridesmaid bouquets of a casual flower like daisies would not be a good pairing with an elegant bride’s bouquet of orchids, but you could mix calla lilies with orchids.

It is very often that a bride will carry a white bouquet, but she prefers something more colorful for her attendants. A simple way to handle this is to opt for bridesmaid bouquets that are in the same flower as the bride’s, but in the color or their bridesmaid dresses (or another color in your wedding palette). Just as brides are having crystals added to their bouquets for sparkle, you are able to pull a detail from the bridesmaid jewelry to bring into their bouquets. For example, if your bridesmaids are wearing bridesmaid jewelry created from deep red crystals, a really chic idea would be for them to carry green bouquets accented with wired red crystals.

Keep in your mind that your wedding bouquets are one of the most important accessories for your wedding day. They will have a big impact on the look of your processional, and you will see them in photographs for years to come. You have to take the time to choose the wedding bouquets that will add the most beauty to your special wedding day.

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