Wedding Invitation Wording: Saying it Right On Your Wedding Invitations


When it comes to your wedding invitations, you simply possess one opportunity to get it right. Your wedding invitations are the first sign to wedding guests of what your wedding will be like, thus you wish for them to be in proportion to your wedding theme and most central, you’ll desire them to be worded properly.

So why are there a lot of ways to ask guests to attend to your wedding? Well, the different types of wedding invitation wording are fundamentally based on one or two simple things. Wording differs counting on who pays for the wedding and on the detailed condition of the family – meaning, that wording is different if parents are divorced, remarried, deceased, and so on.

There are a lot of rules for wedding invitation wording and a number of family conditions can construct wording complete tricky. But, as a busy bride or groom, you actually don’t necessitate knowing all about invitation etiquette just to send out your wedding invitations. All you require is to discover the best wording for your condition and copy it into the order for your wedding invitations.

With the right wording and one or two tips on wedding invitations you’ll be fine on your way to sending out your wedding invitations rapidly and straightforwardly with no any mistakes.

Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

To obtain the guesswork out of wedding invitation wording, here are a number of samples that you can utilize on your wedding invitations:

Traditional Wedding Invitation

wedding invitation wordingWedding Invitation if the Bride’s Parents and Groom’s Parents Both Aid Pay for the Wedding

wedding invitation wording image

Wedding Invitation if Bride and Groom Pay for the Wedding on Their Own

wedding invitation wording picWedding Invitation if the Bride’s Parents are Divorced (not Remarried) and Both Help Pay for the Wedding

wedding invitation wording photoWedding Invitation if the Bride’s Parents are Divorced and Remarried and Both Help Pay for the Wedding

wedding invitation wording limoWedding Invitation if one of the Bride’s Parents is Deceased

wedding invitation wording enemWedding Invitation if Bride’s Mother and Stepfather Pay for the Wedding

wedding invitation wording pituWedding Invitation if Bride’s Guardian is not Her Mother or Father and Guardian Pays for Wedding

wedding invitation wording woluAlthough it can come out complicated, wording your wedding invitations can be simple if you have right of entry to the right words. Utilizing these samples of wedding invitation wording, you’ll be able to possess wedding invitations that say what you want them to say while using the proper invitation etiquette. {via}

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