Ultimate Winter Wedding Ideas On A Budget

winter wedding ideas on a budget

Winter is a perfect time to have your wedding. You will find many wedding ideas for winter. You will also find a lot of beautiful wedding colors for winter. All of these will surely give you a chance to have an amazing and unforgettable wedding day. If the cost of marriage is not a problem for you, you certainly will not find any difficulty to realize your wedding dream. What if you have limited wedding funds? Of course, you do not need to worry. There are many unique winter wedding ideas on a budget you can find.

Remember, to make your wedding day special and unforgettable, you do not always have to spend a lot of money. There are a lot of things that you need for your wedding, starting from choosing your winter wedding dress and everything you need for your winter wedding decorations that you can get at affordable prices. All you need to do is be creative and selective to get all of them.

Of course there are so many things that you have to buy and need to be prepared for your wedding. With your limited funds, you certainly can not buy or provide all of them. You need to make a simple wedding checklist. With this checklist, you can find out what are the things that are truly essential to you.

Briefly, here are the things you need to prepare:

  • Apparel

All that you need to prepare from gown, shoes, accessories, and more.

  • Flowers

All that you need to prepare from bouquets, corsages, reception centerpieces, pew or chair bows, and more.

  • Stationary

All that you need to prepare from invitations, announcements, ceremony cards, and more.

  • Reception

All you need to prepare from location fee, caterer, cake, transportation, and more.

  • Ceremony

All you need to prepare from altar decorations, chair/pew rental, aisle runner, and more.

  • Gifts & Favors

All you need to prepare like attendant gifts, gift for fiancee, and more.

  • Rings

All you need to prepare like wedding bands, engagement rings, and engraving.

  • Rehearsal Dinner

All you need to prepare such as caterer, music, decoration, food, and more.

  • Photography

All you need to prepare like bridal portraits, photo albums, and more.

  • Honeymoon

All you need to prepare like airfare, accommodations, rental car, and more.

Well, all of the things mentioned above are what you require to highlight when preparing your wedding. You can get all of them near you. Let’s say, you can buy the dresses for you and your bridesmaids, favors, gifts, and others in your local stores.

However, if you are planning to order them online, there are numerous places selling all things you need for your winter wedding essentials with affordable prices.

Unique Winter Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Here, we have some recommendations of things that you require for unique winter wedding ideas that won’t break your budget that you get them online.


There are certainly many winter wedding dress ideas that can choose. If you are looking for a dress with vintage look, you’ll like the following simple lace dress.

black simple winter wedding dress with floral lace

It is a beautiful long dress with floral lace. Designed with plunge neckline and illusion back, it is available in some colors like blue, red, and green.

Winter is about something blue. For very affordable winter bridesmaid dresses, you can consider the following blue dress. It looks unique.

winter navy blue lace bridesmaid dress

It is a gorgeous long lace chiffon dress with long sleeve. It comes with an invisible zipper on the back. It would be a perfect dress for your bridesmaids.

There are a lot of cute winter flower girl dresses. For the one with an affordable price, you may consider the following dress.

winter flower girl dress

It is made of glossy and silky fabric. It is very comfortable. Its shoulder wrap will create an elegant look as well as warm your little girl.


There are many kinds of flowers that can be arranged to make gorgeous winter wedding bouquets. A wedding in winter is associated with December wedding colors. For these colors, you can opt for crimson, green, white, silver, gold, and ice blue.

If you have a white winter wedding theme, you can choose all-white bouquet. You can choose white flowers like white roses, tulips, lilies, and lilacs. They can be used in your bouquet together with green accents such as eucalyptus and holly leaves.

Winter wonderland is another popular idea for bouquets. You can go for a blue bouquet such as a combination of delphiniums, muscari, euphorbia, and hydrangeas. They will complete the look of your winter wonderland wedding theme.

For a cheap bouquet, you can select the one with artificial flowers. Take a look at the one below.

cheap winter wedding bouquet

The materials are satin ribbon, rhinestones, pearl, lace, and foam rose flowers. If you have the one with fresh flowers, you can save it and replace it with this one and throw it in your wedding.


There are some ideas to create unique winter wedding invitations. You can find the ones with ice castles, snow flakes, and a lot of other winter topics.

To personalize your winter invitations, you can add a photo of you and your loved one. It could be a playful photo of both of you in a snowball battle. It can also be a romantic picture of you and your future husband who are walking along a snow-covered path hand in hand.

Here we’ve chosen a personalized winter wedding invitation for your consideration.

personalized winter wedding invitation

The size of this shabby chic invitation is A6 (148mm x 105mm). A high quality card is used for the invitation. Each pack contains 20 A6 cards and 20 envelopes.


Opting for DIY winter wedding decorations is a wise way to minimize your wedding budget. You can really be very creative with a lot of ideas that you can find out to have beautiful and natural decoration.  Below are some unique items to use for winter wedding decorations on a budget.

Pine Cones

Pine cones are inexpensive and festive winter wedding decoration. There are many ways to use them. Below are some ideas on how to use the pine cones:

  • Making a pine cone wreath. You can hang it behind the head table at your wedding reception. You can use a basic wire wreath frame.
  • Using pine cones to fill clear vases. You can hang them on trees but you need to paint them gold first. You can also tie them around napkins with a red tartan ribbon for creating a charming addition to the table settings.

pine cones
Dried pine cones that you can spray and wire together. In one bag, there are approximately 20-40 cones.

Boxwood, Pine Boughs, Holly

These items are awesome to use to decorate your wedding. Here are the ideas:

  • You can make a crisp and clean appearance with tidy square boxwood wreaths to beautify the church doors. You can hang them along with wide silver ribbon to create an elegant touch. Boxwood can also be used wonderfully to create a custom set of the bride and groom’s first initials that can be used for decorating the doors to the venue. You can also hang it on your dinner chairs. Or hang it on a wall in the reception site.
  • Pine boughs with long needles can be lovely placed around the bases of vases or hurricane lanterns and down staircase banisters. You can also use them as runners down the centers of long dinner tables.
  • Twine holly around candelabras. You can also twine it on the backs of gold chiavari chairs.

♣ Cranberries

The bright red hue of cranberries is a great contrast to the subdued colors of the season.

  • You can utilize fresh red cranberries as a filler for clear vases which are topped with white flowers as centerpieces.
  • You can string fresh cranberries to drape on chandeliers and intertwine with greenery around doorways.

Icicle String Lights

These novelty decorative lights can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration.

  • You can use them for decorating the window, wall, floor, balcony, background, hung on the backdrop or stage drapes, and other places.


Some popular ideas for inexpensive winter wedding favors are:

  • Snow Globes

Traditionally, Snow globes remind persons of the cold months. What better way to remind your guests of your winter wedding? You can find them various themes and inner designs. You will certainly find a globe that fits your wedding perfectly.

snow globe

Glitter ball snow globe with LED color changing mood light.

  • Snowflake Inspired Favors

Can you imagine winter without snow? There are some unique and amazing snowflake inspired winter wedding favors, such as:

  1. Snowflake Coasters
  2. Snowflake Candies, Chocolates
  3. Candles
  4. Mini Boxes
  5. Snowflake Soaps
  6. Place Card Holders
  7. Snowflake Bottle Stoppers

snowflake bottle stopper

Elegant snowflake design wine bottle stopper.

  • Pine Cone Inspired Favors

You may consider:

  1. Pine cone sachets
  2. Pine cone boxes
  • Star Inspired Favors

Consider these items:

  1. Star Bottle Stoppers
  2. Star Place Candles
  3. Star Place Card Holders

With a lot of beautiful and unique winter wedding ideas on a budget, your winter wedding will be as magical and gorgeous as you want it to be.

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