9 Most Popular Flowers for Weddings

flowers for weddings

Flowers are very central for wedding events. The bride has to make use of a nice flower as element of her dress on her greatest day in her life. Other flowers are also employed to beautify a variety of aspects of the wedding event to make the day look lovely and great. There are a lot of beautiful choices of flowers for weddings from which a bride can select, counting on her flavor, funds, and the time of the wedding.

There are always popular flowers for wedding. The popularity depends on how usual such a flower is being used by couples. There are hordes of options to opt for when looking for wedding flowers. Below are some of the most popular names of flowers commonly used for weddings.

Popular Wedding Flowers Ideas


Weddings and roses just seem to match. With its position as one of the most romantic kinds of flowers, it is not surprising that a lot of brides desire roses for their wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

roses wedding flowerRose bouquets for weddings. Photo of The Knot

The rose is the customary flower used for the month of June. It makes it a natural preference for a June bride longing for wedding classics like pearl bridal jewelry. Since roses are all the rage, they are grown year round. Therefore the December bride will possess just about as many choices for colors and selections of roses as the summer bride.


Hydrangea is loved for its enormous blossoms and unique colors especially the blue and green hues. It is one of the top flower options for late spring and summer brides. The flower is typically prone to wilt particularly when it lacks sufficient water supply. It’s a pleasant flower you can make use of for wedding decorations.

hydrangeas bouquets for weddingsHydrangeas bouquets for weddings. Photo of Pinterest

The good thing about hydrangeas is that they are easy to arrange for centerpieces which are formal, casual, or anything in between. Hydrangeas have a tendency to be costly. However, they have large size which means that few stems are needed to get a great full look.

Calla Lilly

calla lily wedding bouquetsCalla lily wedding bouquets. Photo of Etsy

This is also acknowledged as arum lilies. It’s another popular flower for wedding. It is always available all through the year. The flower is generally very reasonably priced and beautiful in look. It has a nice smell which can be a lucky thing to your wedding day.

Casablanca Lilly

This is another popular flower for wedding that is usually also available all round the year. It comes with large and flat blooms which usually occupy spaces. It can easily be included in a bouquet.

Casablanca lily also has nice smell which can make your wedding day very lovely. The flower is very defiant to cold temperature. It can survive throughout the wedding day without looking dull.


The carnation has qualified a real Renaissance in current years. It has largely shed its former reputation as a low-priced filler flower. It has become very well-liked for contemporary wedding centerpieces and bouquets. There are a number of reasons why carnations have seen resurgence.

They have some advantages. They are available in wide range of colors. They are easy to dye, if desired. They come with hardiness, full blossoms, and affordable cost.

Since they are easy on the pocket, carnations are a much loved choice for making very full and round wedding decorations such as pomanders and floral balls for centerpieces.


This is another unique and beautiful flower you can utilize for your wedding day. It’s also available throughout the year. The flower is very rich in fragrance and also has nice features. It’s a quality flower you can bring into play to decorate your wedding reception arena.


The very word brings to mind luxury, style, and sophistication. Brides who wish to create bouquets or centerpieces with utmost drama habitually refer to this striking blossom. Orchids come in various shapes and sizes, and a remarkable variety of vibrant hues as well.

orchid wedding bouquetsOrchid wedding bouquets. Photo of Martha Stewart Weddings

If you want flowers for weddings which are striped or spotted, you will be able to find an orchid to go well with your style. The main disadvantage to orchids is that they are very expensive. They have a more open and fluttery shape, so it takes numerous orchids to make an impressive display.

There is one very elegant and cost-effective way to bring into play orchids, which is the submerged floral centerpiece. Brides may also select to combine orchids with more reasonably priced blossoms to craft gorgeous mixed bouquets. Like roses, orchids are available year round.


Like hydrangeas, peonies are a preferred flower for spring and summer brides. They come with delightfully round and lush blossoms. They are available in charming wedding colors like white, pink, fuchsia, and red.

Peonies are habitually used in mixture with other full flowers such as hydrangeas and garden roses. This flower is especially popular for garden weddings. While not the most inexpensive flower option, the incredible attractiveness of peonies makes them a popular wedding flower year after year.


This is a beautiful flower that is generally available during the summer months. It possesses nice aroma and other unique features. You can always make use of it for your wedding occasions.

Certainly, there are many other flowers you can always use for your wedding. Among them include lily of the valley, stephanotis, tulips and some others. It’s your responsibility to pick which one becomes your favorite.

When selecting the perfect flowers for weddings, it is helpful for you to make proper inquiries from flower dealers. You can always locate a specific flower kind that will make your wedding wonderful.

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